BodyEcology is a practice centred in relationship and inclusion. Zsuzsi Soboslay is its founding practitioner. She works as a performer and director, choreographer, artist, writer and bodywork therapist across the eastern states of Australia. The practice makes contemporary some of the most ancient shamanic principles: that everything has life and ‘language’ and deserves our consideration and respect.

BE ~ Roots of the Concept

‘Body~Ecology’ links two terms — the idea of a ‘self’ separate from others, and a self-in-relation-to-others, including the colour, pulse, and genius of the more-than-human world. BE is rooted in an understanding that we are not alone in our practices, as artists/healers/collaborators.


BE performance projects range from site-specific events to inclusive community classes, professional collaborations for the concert stage and events at national institutions such as the National Gallery of Australia, the CSIRO and the National Film and Sound Archive.

Zsuzsi’s work as a writer spans essays, playscripts, and two decades of writings on music, dance, art, theatre and performance. She has curated three nationally-significant museum exhibitions. She has recently completed a PhD on care ethics in community arts.

Ongoing projects

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Burnt Point (grief spirit)

By |May 27th, 2020|

Listening to Burnt Point. Rosedale --an invitation to a dialogue. Draft #1 of footage taken at Rosedale on the south coast of NSW in the aftermath of the ferocious 2020 bushfires Video shoot: March 2020 Edit: May 27. Movement: Zsuzsi Soboslay Video: Sam James, Shimmerpixel.

The Portrait Piper

By |November 4th, 2018|

Zsuzsi Soboslay, with flautist extraordinaire Eliza Shephard, leads a new guided interpretation of the life of portraits in the National Portrait Gallery, NPG Spring Festival, Oct 28, 2018. “We need a different kind of language and a different emotional register if we are going to touch people…. And that’s [...]

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