Remembering a favourite collaboration with visual artist Annee Miron and sound artist Clive Bourne, @ CraftACT Craft and Design Centre, May 2017. Part of an exhibition of works by artists involved over 10 years of residences at Namadgi National Park


Time Borrowed/Subnivien: beneath us, a world we cannot see.


The weaving–a nest, a home, an action–is marked by the body that inhabits it.

Limited edition print of this performance was part of an installation, utilising the performance-transformed weaving, created by Miron and Bourne as finalists in the Tom Bass Sculpture Prize [Juniper Hall, Paddington, 2018].


Weavings: Annee Miron

Sound: Clive Bourne

Performance: Zsuzsi Soboslay

Photo credit: Edge Light Photography