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BodyEcology is offered in workshops, clinic and in online modalities.

Clinic: Modalities

BE: Clinic is a dynamic, collaborative method that clears blockages to our potential health and happiness/wellbeing. As an integrated mind-body practice, it helps reconnect to our resources, resilience, options, and our capacities for change. 

Modalities include:

  • trauma-informed counseling and bodywork;
  • couples, families, group and individual counseling/facilitation;
  • shifting chronic and acute illness/restrictions, including those caused by MS and ME, tension, chronic fatigue;
  • pre-op and post-op treatments, aimed to prepare for and cooperatively enhance recovery;
  • facilitating life-transitions—birth, death, separation, displacement, recovery from trauma;
  • transforming professional and creative blocks;

and may include

  • bodywork;
  • meridian touch (similar to acupressure);
  • pulse- and sound-therapies;
  • Bach and Australian Bush Flower Essences;
  • arts therapies;
  • personalised movement/meditation/yogic practices; and
  • nutritional advice.

The work is appropriate for

  • people with chronic or acute illness, stress, or disability;
  • parents/carers and their children at all stages of family life;
  • people seeking stronger intuitive dialogue in their life and work practices;
  • healers, health-workers, and those working with the land;
  • those who need to break patterns of restriction or doubt;
  • people in times of major transition;
  • creative artists of all kinds.

The work is highly suited to people who are neurosensitive, who find other modalities too harsh.

I work in a collaborative relationship with client diagnoses of serious illnesses such as cancer, MS and ME.

There are no fixed number of sessions; sometimes 1 or 2 sessions are enough to resolve an issue.

From 2024, my practice extends to offer Celebrant Services and transition rituals (see *ArtsDoula_Ceremonies)



Internationally: from and to anywhere (globally) online.

In person:

The Medicine House, North Canberra (address on application)–weekly.

*Thirroul Natural Therapies, 396 Lawrence Hargreave Drive, Thirroul (one hour south of Sydney)–monthly.


Initial sessions are 90 minutes; follow-ups are for 1 hour.

Length of sessions vary to work flexibly with children, and those with special needs.


Please send inquiries or make appointments direct to my email or mobile.;   0402 283 615