Collaborations (w/visual artists & musicians)


This page is currently in development. It will include a portfolio of work created in collaborations with visual artists (including S.A.Adair, Annee Miron) and musicians (including Timothy Constable, Synergy Percussion, Nicholas Ng, and Nick Tsiavos) Synergy Percussion 40th Anniversary Concert Xenakis vs. Pateras Synergy Percussion 40th Anniversary Concert [...]



L'Optimisme Jane Avril at the NGA L’Optimisme A presentation on the life of Jane Avril by Zsuzsi Soboslay [accompanied by Chrissie Shaw]. Jane Avril, one of Toulouse-Lautrec’s favourite dancers and models, suffered from a movement disorder known as St Vitus’ Dance [Sydenham's Chorea], most possibly triggered by the beatings she [...]

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