Working with Soft TimeTime is an exercise in relativity. One moment is dinner in New York, but breakfast in Australia. We live on one globe, but in many segments of time. Our bodies, too, whilst being present, are also forward and back in time. We anticipate, and we re-member; we look ahead, and back. In the now, we see a shooting star that exploded millions of years ago. So, too, in the body, we can witness the effects, the symptoms of an event which took place years ago.

We live in a combination of soft and hard time. One moment is now and always. We can look forward: project the arc of the comet’s tail. This is not just the knowledge of poets, but of the human body itself.

Breath can change time. It can change emotions, the force of an event.It carries our thoughts, our ideas, the thoughts of whole cultures. How deeply do we breathe in our tight skirts and brassieres, or in the wrong shoes? Breath and body are interrelated. Every living thing breathes. In the universe, there are many breathing rhythms. Imagine listening to this symphony.